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Drilling works

  • Drilling and drilling repairs
  • Shallow drilling
  • Deep drilling
  • Spike drilling
Water supply
  • Water supply system designing
  • Water supply system mounting
  • Water supply system service maintenance
  • Sounding
  • Laboratorial research
  • Drilling and sample taking
  • Methods, standards, reports
Construction works – Ground water lowering

Water lowering. Practically during the construction of any building, construction companies have faced the high level of ground water. For execution of qualitative „0” cycle works

  • Water lowering in complex geologic conditions
  • Dehydration of large area
  • Water lowering amiable to surrounding buildings
  • Recovery of ground water level below the existing buildings
  • Laying of drainage system for water diversion from the place of construction
  • Arrangement of drilled pales up to d. 400
  • ODEX pale arrangement
  • Injection pale arrangement in limited conditions
  • Anchor pale arrangement Ishebeck, MAI
  • Arrangement of limiting walls of drilled pales
  • Pressed in pales